Cannot install ubuntu on Centrino 2 Studio laptop

Matthieu Bertin bertinm at
Sat Feb 14 07:10:49 CST 2009


I've unsuccessfully tried to install Ubuntu 8.10 and 8.04.2 on my new
laptop, but the regular install CDs and alternate failed with I/O errors.
I tried downloading the 8.10 dell version iso on (btw, the md5sum seems to
be wrong - i downloaded it two times and i got the same md5 which doesn't
match the one on the wiki)
I made an USB flash disk using cd2usb, which worked perfectly until i had to
set up the keyboard, time and first account login/password.
All i get is a coloured patchwork on my screen and there's a visible cursor
on it (really looks like Console on acid).

Is there any workaround ?
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