evolution can't access ldap

Chuck chuckh1958 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 10:05:19 CST 2009

Art Alexion wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-02-10 at 09:25 -0500, Chuck wrote:
>> Recent convert here from another distro to kubuntu. I'm trying to use
>> evolution with my company's exchange server. Everything is working
>> except for access to the ldap server for the exchange global address
>> list. I've double and triple checked the spelling of the ldap server
>> name and it's correct but evolution says it cant connect to the ldap
>> server. Any suggestions?
> I am wondering if this is the problem as Chuck and others have not
> mentioned how they are trying to access Exchange and the GAL.  That is,
> whether behind or through the firewall.  
> Most often the exchange server is located on a different machine than
> GAL, which is located on the domain controller.  Network administrators
> open ports for exchange that they don't open for the domain controller.
> In my environment, Every version of evolution-exchange I have used,
> going back to 2.6, automatically detects the domain controller/GAL
> server when the machine is behind the firewall.  Going through the
> firewall, from the outside, it is impossible.
I dont think that's the problem. It's a dual boot machine and in Windows
with Outlook 2007 there's no problem accessing the GAL. Also both the
previous distro I had loaded, and a Centos box in my desk in the same
subnet had no problem accessing the GAL ldap server.  I suspect it's
either a bug with the current version of evolution or something I have
misconfigured in kubuntu.

The latter would not surprise me as I have a few networking issues to
iron out still. Like how to specify multiple search domains in
/etc/resolv.conf and get them to remain peristent across reboots. I was
hoping to find a gui-based network interface configuration tool that
goes a little beyond the one in the system settings but don't know which
I should be using. My old distro used harddrake which was absolutely
fabulous at detecting and configuring this sort of thing.
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