UBUNTU sound volume A FIX!!

sam srf10130 at vtc.vsc.edu
Tue Feb 10 08:52:55 CST 2009

Tom Chiverton wrote:
> 2009/2/10 Herzog <herzog at frontiernet.net>:
>> The curt list answer of "see ALSA" is not very thorough.
> Note that this was in response to 'not being as loud as Vista', not
> 'not being as loud as under 7.10'.
I have subsequently tested out the sound output from 7.10 and it is
indeed lower output than 7.10. I booted an old live cd and the sound was
(almost) perfect. the only issue was that I had to control the volume
with the PCM slider instead of the master, but the volume was much
higher. The only reason I was mentioning Vista was to imply that the
hardware was not broken.

here is the alsa info for 7.10 - which works

here is the info for 8.10 which does not


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