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Don't blame the drivers problem on dell.  You must have never had the 
pleasure of installing Windows before.  That is the way it works and any 
update is a nightmare.  I use a Desktop (XPS420) that came with Vista.  
Wiped it and installed Hardy.  I expected a lot of hardware problems and 
an update nightmare.  ALL hardware worked great, except winmodem that 
didn't do that great under Vista, and updates are a piece of cake.

Eric Shattow wrote:
> I would add that I'm not particularly satisfied (nor displeased) with 
> the support of Ubuntu on Dell laptop hardware. My future decisions to 
> buy (or not to buy) Dell computers will not weigh heavily on the "no 
> holds barred" support for Linux community concepts:
> - Community-maintained wikis
> - Task/ticket tracker
> - Dell support being aware that the laptop I purchased is a real 
> product and not me trying to waste everyone's time
> In fact, I would like to make it known that the Dell product I 
> purchased has been a great learning tool. I have learned that 
> relatively inexpensive Dell laptop computers are something I will 
> avoid in the future.
> Recently I have installed my copy of Microsoft Windows XP on the 1420n 
> laptop, and found that my experience was even worse than that of the 
> Ubuntu installation. What are all these god damned drivers I have to 
> install? The Dell support website lists no less than 10 different 
> files that I am required to retrieve, unpack, install, and install 
> again. I had to reboot after each additional support file completed 
> installation. That's a nightmare for the user.
> If Dell company can get at least one side (Windows or Ubuntu) working, 
> maybe they can attract me to buy another product in the future. I 
> think the Windows experience is completely hosed and requires a lot of 
> man power to fix. The Ubuntu side bears hope: Users are more than 
> willing to provide code, help, and documentation for a better experience.
> Plus "one" for Tom's suggestion - Get somebody on task, maybe once 
> every month or so, to update the Wiki with community input from the 
> mailing list.
> On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 8:23 AM, David Fraser <davidf at 
> <mailto:davidf at>> wrote:
>     ----- "Tom Chiverton" <tom.chiverton at
>     <mailto:tom.chiverton at>> wrote:
>     > 2009/2/6 David Fraser <davidf at
>     <mailto:davidf at>>:
>     > > So is it time to set up an unofficial wiki that at least
>     > we-on-the-mailing-list-who-want-to-collaborate can
>     >
>     > I think Dell should step up and either explain why we can't edit it,
>     > or give at least someone outside their team access because they're
>     > obviously too busy.
>     Agreed.
>     **Attention Dell**
>     Dell, I am an enthusiast of running Linux on your products, as are
>     many others on these lists.
>     I would like to know whether the lack of edit access is due to:
>     * Lack of sysadmin resources to enable such access (as implied by
>     * Unresolved issues around policy of access
>     * Lack of resources to deal with spamming of a wiki
>     * Something else
>     When I encounter or solve issues I would like to use some of my
>     time to keep information on the wiki up to date, to benefit your
>     other customers. I understand that there are things called wikis
>     under, but they're nothing
>     like MediaWiki and don't provide the same facility.
>     Would you prefer us to use our constructive energy to:
>     * Debate the lack of access on the lists, and try and persuade you
>     to give us access
>     * Temporarily set up our own wiki, whose contents can be
>     contributed back to the main wiki when access is available
>     In addition, if the community set up a wiki, it would be useful to
>     incorporate contents from the
>     <> wiki. However the site doesn't seem to
>     specify a license for the contents...
>     I would prefer not to set up such a wiki, and simply edit the Dell
>     wiki. If you have plans to allow such access (even if limited to
>     regular contributors to the mailing list) your customers would
>     appreciate it and it would help to support them.
>     I can understand that requests like this can seem an additional
>     burden; please understand that I am wanting to help.
>     Regards
>     David
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