Sound issue on xps 1530 - low volume output

Nigel Ridley nigel at
Mon Feb 9 11:56:35 CST 2009

sam wrote:
> I have searched all over and can't find any help on my problem. I am
> running ubuntu 8.10 (not factory installed) and have roughly half the
> volume output as I do with my Vista install (All of my volume sliders
> are un-muted and turned up). Does anyone here have any suggestions or
> fixes for this particular issue?
> Thanks
> Sam

I have a 1525n with Kubuntu Hardy (8.04) and to get full volume I have to slide the PCM and/or 
Front volume sliders from 100% to 0% and back to 100% to get volume on both channels (with the 
sound only coming out of one channel it is obviously lower in volume).
I don't know why this happens and I haven't bothered to find out why...



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