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David Fraser davidf at
Fri Feb 6 09:23:12 CST 2009

----- "Tom Chiverton" <tom.chiverton at> wrote:

> 2009/2/6 David Fraser <davidf at>:
> > So is it time to set up an unofficial wiki that at least
> we-on-the-mailing-list-who-want-to-collaborate can
> I think Dell should step up and either explain why we can't edit it,
> or give at least someone outside their team access because they're
> obviously too busy.


**Attention Dell**

Dell, I am an enthusiast of running Linux on your products, as are many others on these lists.

I would like to know whether the lack of edit access is due to:
* Lack of sysadmin resources to enable such access (as implied by
* Unresolved issues around policy of access
* Lack of resources to deal with spamming of a wiki
* Something else

When I encounter or solve issues I would like to use some of my time to keep information on the wiki up to date, to benefit your other customers. I understand that there are things called wikis under, but they're nothing like MediaWiki and don't provide the same facility.

Would you prefer us to use our constructive energy to:
* Debate the lack of access on the lists, and try and persuade you to give us access
* Temporarily set up our own wiki, whose contents can be contributed back to the main wiki when access is available

In addition, if the community set up a wiki, it would be useful to incorporate contents from the wiki. However the site doesn't seem to specify a license for the contents...

I would prefer not to set up such a wiki, and simply edit the Dell wiki. If you have plans to allow such access (even if limited to regular contributors to the mailing list) your customers would appreciate it and it would help to support them.

I can understand that requests like this can seem an additional burden; please understand that I am wanting to help.


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