Dell Inspiron 1402n and Ubuntu Jaunty Alpha3 errata

David Fraser davidf at
Fri Feb 6 08:03:57 CST 2009

----- "Tom Chiverton" <tom.chiverton at> wrote:

> 2009/2/6 Eric Shattow <lucent+code at>:
> > I'm posting the following information due to uncertainty on how to
> edit the
> > Dell->Ubuntu support wiki.
> We can't.
> Yes, it sucks.

Ah, for a wiki that stores text in distributed revision control so that we could run a fork that they could pull patches from... but then, just allowing access would be pretty simple :-)

So is it time to set up an unofficial wiki that at least we-on-the-mailing-list-who-want-to-collaborate can use and refer people to?
Would this help Dell to move forward in letting us edit the real wiki?

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