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Hi Chuck:

I'm probably a bit biased since a lot of the work I do is related to
Ubuntu, but I really think it's come a long way since then.  I'm
personally running Ubuntu on my workstation laptop which is also a
D630.  Mine doesn't have NV graphics, but NV graphics are supported via
the hardware drivers tool that's in Intrepid.  Just make sure you do all
the updates for 8.10 after you would install it.  There are a lot of
Dell related fixes that come in the newer kernels and help to enable
hardware gaps.


Chuck wrote:
> I have a d630 laptop with Nvidia graphics. I mostly use the laptop in
> a docking station connected to a Samsung 173b 14 inch monitor, but
> also frequently use it undocked with the built in LCD display.  I
> prefer KDE over Gnome too. What is the best distro for this laptop
> that "just works" when you install it? IOW correctly detects and
> configures all the hardware including screen resolutions, wifi card, etc.
> FWIW I had been using PCLinuxOS up until their recent "big update"
> which just fubar'ed everything (corrupted inode tables, mbr,
> filesystem, etc). I tried doing a clean install from a live cd after
> reformatting the linux partition, but  it still won't apply all of the
> updates correctly, so as far as I'm concerned it's time to switch
> distros.  The problem is I want something that "just works" without a
> lot of manual configuration. A few years ago I tried Ubuntu Feisty and
> was never able to get X to work with any resolution > 1024x768 even
> though both the monitor and video card supported it. It worked well on
> the built in LCD display, but not with the monitor attached to the
> docking station.
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