Broadcom "wl" with "VT for Direct I/O" does not work

Sean Millichamp sean at
Thu Dec 10 11:10:39 CST 2009

On Thu, 2009-12-10 at 16:35 +0000, Adam Huffman wrote:

> This is interesting.  I've seen a similar problem on a Precision T7500.
> It's a little more serious, though, in that after a few minutes the
> system crashes when VT-d is enabled.  I've reported the Oops and they're
> looking into it on the linux-netdev list.
> This implies it's a wider problem.

Interesting.  I never got an Oops when using the wired connection for
the week or so I was running with VT-d enabled.

Broadcom has also replied to my report and indicated that they are
looking into the issue, no update yet.


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