Latitude E5500, Dell Wireless 1397, and Fedora 12

Sean Millichamp sean at
Tue Dec 1 15:45:51 CST 2009

On Tue, 2009-12-01 at 13:50 -0500, Sean Millichamp wrote:
> I just received a new Latitude E5500 at work and immediately put Fedora
> 12 64-bit on it.  It works very well with the exception that I have not
> been able to get the Dell Wireless 1397 interface working yet.

Never mind, I finally got it working.  I believe that my earlier
attempts with the b43 driver may have left the wireless card in an
unusual state, preventing the wl driver from working properly.

A clean out of my previous builds, a full power cycle, and a 'make
clean; make ; make install' of the Broadcom driver at has me running with
no issues.


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