Slightly OT: Hard Disk Backup program?

Ciro Iriarte cyruspy at
Sun Aug 30 17:38:04 CDT 2009

2009/8/30 Richard Perry <perryrt at>:
> I need/want a hard drive backup solution....for my Inspiron 1420 and three
> other Linux machines.
> Linux/Ubuntu will do this several ways, but none of them really seem to work
> the way I want them to. What I'm looking for is a program I can start up
> either in the OS or by booting from a CD/USB, then will allow me to make a
> complete copy of the entire drive - OS, configurations, drivers, everything
> from soup to nuts and save it to a different network drive. Then if it ALL
> goes horribly wrong, I want to be able to boot my machine from a recovery
> CD/USB and pull back the image from the network drive.
> The packages I've been looking at appear to be able to do MOST of this job,
> but don't seem to be able to duplicate the whole partition, or assume you
> format and install Ubuntu on the computer first ... or maybe it's just
> another thing about *nix usage that I Just Don't Understand Yet.
> Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions...bonus points are available for
> packages available in the Ubuntu 9.04 repository.
> Thanks, folks!

CloneZilla does that, I boot it from a pendrive and save data to a NFS
server (supports local disks too, USB attached for example).


Ciro Iriarte

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