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windows mini 9's are cooler.. I have 2 each.  No panic... just tinker with
power management if you must.

more heat means more energy and lesser battery time.

Cooler systems will also last longer.

On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 5:02 PM, <rheyerdahl at> wrote:

>  My question is normal heat ?
> I have two Dell mini9's.  As a newbie to linux (ubuntu), The dual boot was
> causing me problems, solution, a linux unit & a xp unit.
> 1. 16GB ssd running xp,
> 2.  4GB ssd running ubuntu 9.04
> Both units are the same no web cam, bluetooth, etc.  But the linux mini
> runs a lot warmer than the xp unit...normal or not ?
> Note: the 4GB mini is a factory rebuild, not a ordered new machine. Also
> did not notice any heat difference when running the dual boot ( ubuntu
> 8.10/xp ) on the 16GB  unit.
> Thanks for any feedback/help........................Richard
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