My charging pin woes, and hibernate/resume

David Fraser davidf at
Wed Aug 26 06:40:15 CDT 2009

----- "Tom Chiverton" <tom.chiverton at> wrote:

> 2009/8/26 David Fraser <davidf at>:
> > I've logged this at and
> followed the methods in
> I have a 1525n, running 8.4 and up, now 9.4, and have never had an
> issue with hibernate. Could you have run out of swap space or
> something ?

I have a fair bit:
$ swapon -s
Filename                                Type            Size    Used    Priority
/dev/sda7                               partition       3542292 31156   -1

So does this need to be bigger than my current memory size (4GB)?

> > Do I need to do anything to make sure that hibernate handles this?
> As long as the default in both GRUBs is to boot the O/S that
> hibernated, all should be well.
> Why not just have one GRUB that knows about both O/S though ?

Because then the Ubuntu kernel upgrade messes up the contents of menu.lst :-)


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