My charging pin woes, and hibernate/resume

David Fraser davidf at
Wed Aug 26 02:30:29 CDT 2009


My nearly-3-year old daughter experimented with inserting a mini audio jack into the power connector that plugs into my Dell Inspiron 1525.
It produced no auditory success, but bent the pin inside the power connector. I managed to straighten it, but it subsequently came off inside the laptop power socket.

This pin seems to communicate that it is a valid Dell Power supply, and without it being connected properly the battery will not charge.
I have now got a new power supply, but still need to work out how to extract the pin from the laptop (it is not sticking out at all, and there is no way to grab it with tweezers/pliers etc).
Any suggestions welcome :-)

In the mean time, my battery has run so low that I don't want to use suspend when moving the laptop around because the orange battery light flashes and I'm worried I'm going to lose the session altogether. So I'd like to use hibernate/resume so that the battery isn't drained. However, hibernate/resume currently fails.

I've logged this at and followed the methods in - basically the hibernate doesn't work even when hibernating from the console, and yet the debugging steps don't seem to me to turn up any problems.

I have an unusual grub setup - basically so I can keep a backup OS, I have a main /boot partition with GRUB that lets me choose from two OS partitions, and then forwards to the GRUB installation on those partitions. Do I need to do anything to make sure that hibernate handles this? Or any other ideas on how to solve the hibernate problem?


David Fraser
St James Software

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