dell xls 1330 with ubuntu 9.04 wireless problem

Gar gar.nelson at
Thu Aug 13 10:28:45 CDT 2009

While it made me feel like a dummy when it happened, the problem I had with wireless on my Inspiron 15n was that I didn't have the wireless hardware turned on.  I needed to press the right function key on the keyboard to turn on wireless, and then everything worked fine.  That may not be your problem, but worth a mention.


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Subject: dell xls 1330 with ubuntu 9.04 wireless problem


I have installed om my dell xls 1330 unbuntu 9.04.
I use the dell installation cd for ubuntu 9.04 all drivers are OK except my wireless.

Any hint please give me a feedbacl

Khadar Nur
khadarn at
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