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Wed Aug 12 13:39:43 CDT 2009

I was also thinking that maybe running 'top' in a konsole window at the same time would be good.  Top is a bit more dynamic than ps is. If you're lucky, whatever is activating the camera will bubble up to the top of the 'top' display right after the camera access led activates.  Once you have a better idea which process it is, it could be easier to figure out why that process is being called. 

I've got a Mini9 and a 15n, both with built-in cams, and neither one of them behave as you describe, so I'd definately agree that it's some sort of abnormal behavior.

Best of luck,

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I assure you it had very little to do with *her* decision. I've heard
it's one of the best webcam packages in the repos.

That command is a good suggestion. I'm going to try it. It will
provide insight into what processes are running around the time that
the light is flashing.

On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 1:56 PM, Ian<ixb at> wrote:
> Has anyone else wondered if the senders name, Brie, had anything to do with
> his choice of running Cheese?
> On a more serious note, what would one be looking for if one did a ps -efww?
> Ian X


Brie A. Gordon

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