No sound after upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04

Bob Haugen bob.haugen at
Tue Aug 4 17:44:17 CDT 2009

Thanks a lot for the detailed reply.

On Tue, 04 Aug 2009 17:30:14 +0200 <o.sinclair at> wrote:
> Subject: Re: No sound after upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04

> This is a known problem if/when you install the modem drivers and then
> update the kernel.

I have not installed any modem drivers on purpose.  Don't use a modem.

>  It is a loooong story but here is the most recent
> advice from Dell maintainers (the wiki is never updated so is by now
> pretty useless):

That's clear...

> Basically, if you have the Dell ppa repository and have installed the
> DKMS packages you should install the hsf-modem drivers and then be OK
> with sound. You must install linux-ubuntu-modules package first of all.

How do I tell if I have the "Dell ppa repository and have installed
the DKMS packages"?

My current situation is that flash and sound sorta work.  If look at a
flash movie in the browser, the sound no longer works for music and
other movie files outside the browser until I shut down the browser.
Then the other sounds might work, or I might have to reboot to make
them work again.

So it's better than nothing, and I'm reluctant to do anything that
might make it worse.

> So I've got a better solution assembled now that i've uploaded to the
> dell-team PPA.  Here's what it looks like:
> hsfmodem -> repackaed original conexant deb that pre-depends on
> hsfmodem-base-dkms
> hsfmodem-base-dkms -> deb that contains the ALSA 1.0.16 tree with the
> ubuntu patchset (as of 2.6.24-24) applied and the conexant patchset applied
> The way it will work is that provided you've got the headers installed
> for the 2.6.24 based kernel you intend on booting into, it will build
> the ALSA tree against those kernel headers prior to the reboot into the
> new kernel.  There is a header postinstall script that will execute DKMS
> to do these actions.  During the next reboot, it will take longer than
> normal because conexant's init script for hsfmodem triggers and links
> with snd-hda-intel that was rebuilt by DKMS.  The end result should be a
> functional audio driver and functional modem.

How do I tell if have the proper headers installed?

I don't need a functional modem (that I know of).  Just audio drivers.
So maybe all the above advice is useless to me?

> Hopefully this works out for you modem folks.

So this is all about modems, which I don't need?  Or am I missing something?

> As for flash headaches - do install restricted-extras package or
> download flash-installer from Adobe website. Both work in my experience.

I installed from the Adobe website.  Flash now works.

> sound headeaches: install restricted-extras, install w32codecs and for
> dvd dvd2css (I think, you had better check)

Ok, so are those the things to do to improve the sound situation (only)?

> Add Medibuntu repositories first, google on Medibuntu.

Found that.

> For Dell PPA repo
> check out Dell pages.

Is this it?

What do I need to do with it? Anything?

> As a general advice I use AptonCD as a sort of system backup these days
> in case I have to reinstall or update other users computers instead of
> downloading GBs of updates.

Thanks for the tip.  I'll try it after I get everything working better.

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