Wireless card 1390

Mario Limonciello mario_limonciello at dell.com
Thu Jul 31 09:50:38 CDT 2008

Hi Jose:

Actually if you would like to test, there is a native driver that should
be available for your card starting with the 2.6.24-20 kernel release. 
If you activate hardy-proposed and then install the new kernel, linux
ubuntu modules, and linux restricted modules packages, you should have
it available.  It does require you to have blacklisted b43 and friends
to make sure you are able to test it.  Please report back your feedback,
and if you would like to continue to help test, there is a custom Jockey
handler we'll be wanting to test too.


Jose_Reyes-DeChouden at dell.com wrote:
> Thank you to all who helped me with the touchpad issue. I have one
> more I need help with. I have been looking online for instructions on
> how to get my Broadcom 1390 card to work. It is being seen by Ubuntu
> but I cannot get it to connect to my router. I have tried to blacklist
> the native bcm43xx, update the driver, and update the ndiswrapper. All
> with no luck. Anyone know how to get this card working correctly?
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