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Sun Jul 27 13:20:14 CDT 2008

2008/7/24 Lance Haig <lnhaig at>:
 > > I have tried everything and the only one that works is Vmware
 > > workstation but that is expensive.

VMware Player and Server are free, but not open source.  VMware 
Workstation is not free, but there is an eval.  And rumor has it VMware 
ESXi will be free next month (

VMware Server 1.x doesn't support USB 2.0, but otherwise works very 
well.  I run a couple of W2K workstations full-screen on top of Ubuntu 
and it works nicely, except for the USB part.  Server 2.0 is in beta, 
but I haven't really tried it.  Presumably it will support USB better.

When running on Linux, all the VMware stuff must be recompiled every 
time the kernel changes.  That's annoying, and the failure-mode is 
stupid--the GUI simply doesn't run with not feedback as to why, which is 
pathetic.  But once you set up the right packages, it's easy enough to 
just recompile, once you understand what's happening.  Google for it, 
there are details all over the 'Net.

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