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No, VMware workstation is not free. VMware Server is free, at least for the
time being:

Q: How is VMware Server different from Workstation? Will Workstation also be

*A:* VMware will continue to charge for Workstation and has no plans to drop
its price. Workstation has unique, advanced features that are not available
in VMware Server. These features include the ability to manage multi-tier
configurations and multiple snapshots. Workstation is a productivity tool
used by developers and technical professionals on an individual PC. VMware
will continue to develop compelling features on this product that
dramatically streamline software testing and development.

On Sun, Jul 27, 2008 at 6:20 AM, Tom Chiverton <tom.chiverton at>wrote:

> 2008/7/24 Lance Haig <lnhaig at>:
> > I have tried everything and the only one that works is Vmware
> > workstation but that is expensive.
> It's free, isn't it ?
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