Boot from SD on D420

Tim Champion timchampion at
Fri Jul 25 23:08:32 CDT 2008

Short description: I want to boot from the SDHC card on my Dell D420.  Its
not recognized by the BIOS, so, from what I understand, I must first boot
linux to get the driver, and then boot off the drive.

Back in January, there was a Ideastorm comment from Matt Domsch:

So, I'm finally ready to try and do this.  I have a bootable SD card, and
I've repartitioned my Hard Drive, and now have 10GB free (didn't know how
much I'd need).  The above comment pointed to a bug/feature request that has
been closed at the fedora project

So, is that in the Fedora 9 distribution?  I have a Fedora 9 iso, or do I
need to get something else.

I'll try and follow that ideastorm post, but I want to know if I even have
the right stuff before I start.

Tim Champion
timchampion at
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