Inspiron 1525 and Intel VT

Morgan Pugh mrp at
Thu Jul 24 12:54:39 CDT 2008

Is it disabled or just not supported? While I guess you could argue it is
disabled by deliberately not supporting it I wouldn't like to accuse Dell of
disabling it without knowing the full story. 

However I have read some stories recently of Dell disabling Stereo Mix on
some systems by request of the RIAA so your accusation is sort if fair. Did
not read the story in depth but it certainly sounds like something the RIAA
would demand. 

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On Wed, July 23, 2008 19:06, Morgan Pugh wrote:
> which has VT in the BIOS also. AFAIK Dell do not disable CPU features.
They sure as heck disable features in other hardware.  HDMI audio on their
ATI HD2400 video card, for instance.

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