linux on Inspiron 1720?

Ramon Gandia rfg8ta at
Thu Jul 24 05:12:27 CDT 2008

> Recently got an Inspiron 1720 and have decided I would
> rather have linux on it than Win Vista.
> Any problems installing and using Debian on this hardware?

If you buy Ubuntu (or Kubuntu), you can try the "live CD."  You
make sure your 1720 is set to boot first from a bootable CD (or DVD),
put the disk in the drive and reboot.

It will be slow to boot; and slow to run - but usably so.  You can
then test out your hardware and be aware of any issues.  If there
is nothing show-stopping, you can then install it.  Use the lastest
release,  I got mine from "On-Disk" on DVD.

Shameless plug for KDE:  You may want to install Kubuntu instead of
Ubuntu.  The discs are about $3 each, so its not like you can't afford
BOTH discs.

In general, I have found the quality of the KDE equivalent programs
to be somewhat nicer than GNOME.  I always see GNOME/Ubuntu being the
promoted one, but for me, the Kubuntu was the kicker.  I've been
doing this since Slackware back in 1994.

Anyway, test it with live CD, and if you like what you see, go ahead
and install it.  Otherwise, you are just out a few bucks.

Nome, Alaska, USA

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