linux on Inspiron 1720?

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Hi Dennis:

This isn't a machine that is preloaded with Linux out of the factory, so no guarantees on full support for everything.  That being said, you will have better luck with out of the box support w/ Ubuntu 8.04.1 than you will with Debian.  A lot of the hardware in the 1720 is similar to hardware in the Studio 15n machines which have patches pulled from ALSA head for audio enablement, support for webcam via uvcvideo.  Depending on your wireless solution in your 1720 (there should be an Intel offering and a Broadcom offering IIRC), you may have support.  The Broadcom offering should work in Ubuntu 8.04.1.

If you are hardpressed to use Debian, you may have to go through and hunt down a lot of these patches and kernel modules yourself.


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Recently got an Inspiron 1720 and have decided I would
rather have linux on it than Win Vista.

Any problems installing and using Debian on this hardware?

Will the builtin webcam, sound, wi-fi, etc. be
supported and work correctly?

Any particular warnings or gotchas?

Should I just pack it up and take it back?

Many thanks for any info!


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