BIOS password...: probably on latitudes only

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Can you consider trying a different virtualization solution instead of KVM possibly?  It's likely that you could be encountering a bug in KVM.  Eg Virtualbox, or VMWare?  They both support the VT flag of your CPU.


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Hi Mario,

Well where do i start.

I have a Latitude D531 with the following

4GB ram
ATI - Radeon x1270
120 Gb HDD
AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile
    Technology TL-60
    1.60 GHz

My story.

I bought this laptop for my packaging duties on the distribution I am a 
member of. and the first task was to install a vm tool to run my Dev 

I was able to install kvm onto my machine but as soon as I started the 
vm my laptop would hang and then reset.

I have tried the following distributions with the same result.


After your e-mail I made the changes you suggested so the machine now 
just hangs/freezes
I have to force it off.

I have checked if I am running the newest bios and I am .

I am willing to help in any way to solve this so not only I but everyone 
else who owns one of these can run vm software and happily use linux.



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