Inspiron 1525 and Intel VT

Morgan Pugh mrp at
Wed Jul 23 18:06:02 CDT 2008

Hi Evan,
I bought an I1525 for my sister about 2 months ago and am sure the VT option
was in the BIOS when I checked. Also I have a cheap I530 desktop which has
VT in the BIOS also. AFAIK Dell do not disable CPU features. 
This is all UK based so I do not know if this is different per country?


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How did you come across this information?  I spoke to Dell Technical Support
who informs me that the I1525 BIOS does NOT support the Intel VT extensions,
but at the same time, I have seen reports online that the I1525 DOES have
the support.  Dell Tech Support checked on their BIOS simulator, but perhaps
their simulator is for a T5750-equipped (no Intel VT support) I1525 rather
than a T8100-equipped (Intel VT support) machine?

Evan Thompson

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