What is the recommended way to upgrade to 8.04

Richard Kerver rkerver at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 13:00:39 CDT 2008

You'll of course have as many recommendations as there are responders.
Here's mine, from an Inspiron 1525n owner for whom stability is of paramount
importance (I use my machine for trading - down time is not a pleasant
1> Wait for the Dell Linux team to release the correct ISO for your machine,
which can be found at:
      If there aren't any, that's because they won't do an ISO that hasn't
been tested and retested.
      Note also, they won't put up an ISO that's lacking hardware drivers -
this is important.
2> Dowload and burn the ISO to a DVD - this is your factory default backup;
make sure it will boot OK.
3> Using Update-Manager, attempt to do a normal upgrade to 8.04.
4> Test your machine and attempt repair if anything is broken.
5> Use the ISO DVD as a fail-safe, as good after your upgrade as during.

Of course, if you're a masochist and like self inflicted pain, then go ahead
and jump to <3> above.  Good luck!
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