What is the recommended way to upgrade to 8.04

Thierry Andriamirado thierry.andriamirado at free.fr
Sun Jul 20 05:05:59 CDT 2008

Le samedi 19 juillet 2008 à 15:30 -0700, Bob Clay a écrit :
> I have TWO Inspiron 1525s with Ubuntu 7.10.  What is the procedure to 
> upgrade to 8.04 and have all of the restricted driver stuff still work?  
> I must have sound and wireless networking.

I don't own a 1525s so I'll let somebody else to tell you the right
procedure for having the right restricted drivers installed and

Just wanted to remind you, as you own 2 Inspirion, that you can begin
upgrading one of them. Once the upgrade ran ok: if you install and
configure apt-proxy on this first one, the second one's upgrade 'll be
quicker as you don't have to download the same packages again.


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