What is the recommended way to upgrade to 8.04

Dave Yates dayates1 at btinternet.com
Sun Jul 20 04:23:56 CDT 2008

I would be interested to know as well as I have tried to upgrade twice
this weekend and come up with the same problem.

I have completed the download and come to almost the end of the install
but the system has got itself well and truly Jammed with the last line
of the command string -forgive me if I am not using the correct

Generating Locales...

The system jammed solid. The only way I could switch the machine off was
by removing the battery. When I tried to re-boot, the system got a short
way into the process and just stopped.

In the end I pressed ESC at start of boot to get into the MENU screen
and chose to restore Factory settings

Having only had the machine a week or so, I had nothing to lose so I did
a restore.

The same thing happened when I tried again so I too would be interested
in "the best way"

The reason I was trying an upgrade was because of a problem with my

It is very flaky. I have an Intel Pro / Wireless 3945 Network card but
initial connection with my BT Homebub is ridiculously intermittent.
Sometimes it connects immediately. Sometimes it takes a minute or so,
and sometimes it requires me to re-enter the passkey and configure
settings before it will connect

I was hoping an upgrade may have fixed the the problem but no joy - only
grief - at 4 in the morning

I have done 4 upgrades over the net before using a Compaq laptop with no

Good luck


On Sat, 2008-07-19 at 15:30 -0700, Bob Clay wrote:
> I have TWO Inspiron 1525s with Ubuntu 7.10.  What is the procedure to 
> upgrade to 8.04 and have all of the restricted driver stuff still work?  
> I must have sound and wireless networking.
> Thanks.
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