How to install new BIOS A13?

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>>It is indeed a scary process to update a BIOS but I still have not
>>found a reason to do it.  Dell seems to have no problems telling us
>>how to do it but not why
>I gave the link to the release notes on Dells web site.
>In addition, it feels faster warm booting but I wouldn't swear to it.

Well, despite all your helpful comments, I still don't know how to do
this on my SuSE 10.3 box (Inspiron 1525).

Where and how do I get the appropriate firmware-tools? Which ones are
necessary and what do they do?

"apt" is available for SuSE too, but the command "aptitude" is not

I am definitely not a newbie, using UNIX and Linux since the early 90s,
but I am not a programmer and hence a bit weak on that spot. Especially
since am am a SuSE-user for ages now, and well familiar with
rpm-packages, YaST repositories. everything beyond that: I am lost.

I just think: SuSE is not such a rare distribution. Why is it not
supported by Dell? Where are the necessary repositories? An most of all:
If they go with Linux, why not putting a laptop together whose hardware
works out-of-the-box with the major distributions? I had to frickle a
lot to get the Ethernet-card and the webcam running. Not that I would
need it desperately, but the modem (is it a HSF-modem?) does not work
till today. I found some files for that for Ubuntu, used the tar-archive
for installing, but it failed. Ahh, and another question: do I
understand correctly that there is an infra-red interface in the
front-panel, next to the microphones? Can anybody use that? Questions
over questions ;-))

For the time being, I stick with the BIOS A11 that came with the
machine. Unless a new one offers new and crucial items to adjust.

Thanks for taking the time reading my sermon :-)


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