Installing GeForce 6 series; Kernel 2.22.24-19-generic.

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Tue Jul 15 18:16:18 CDT 2008

When you manage your own nvidia driver you will have to manage the kernel module as well.  You should probably use  Mario Limonciello's suggestion, because it is the most user friendly way, and it is officially supported.

If you decide you want to use the drivers from nVidia's website, see and for useful information.


Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 16:15:53 -0500
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Subject: Installing GeForce 6 series; Kernel 2.22.24-19-generic.

I tried by restarting the computer on console mode then as root execute the this .run file:

Basically appear 2 error, one claimed that I needed to change run level of 1 to 3, whatever it means, there was a selection of "continue" so I ignore that. The second one claimed that my Kernel wasn't the appropriated and then the application died.

Thanks to Mario Limonciello his quick answer about my monitor, it seems that what is wrong is my Nvdia graphics card.

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