How to install new BIOS A13?

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Tue Jul 15 01:40:15 CDT 2008

Oliver Zimmermann wrote:
> Hi!
> There is a new BIOS out for my Inspiron 1525. I have two questions about this:
> 1. Is it worth updating from A11 to A13? Does anybody did this and has some 
> experience to share?
> 2. How should I do this? I mean - I have a Linux OS and there is no floppy 
> disk drive to which the instructions for "non-Windows users" refer to. I have 
> an old bootable floppy, but that doesn't help here a lot...
> Btw, I am running OpenSuSE 10.3 on my machine.

I dont know about the versions differences, I suggest you check on Dell
site, tech support. As for upgrading (NOTE this is as far as I know
related to Ubuntu, if it works on OpenSuse I have no idea)

Bios update:

$ wget -q -O - >
$ sudo  bash
$ sudo aptitude install firmware-addon-dell
$ sudo aptitude install $(sudo bootstrap_firmware -a)
$ sudo update_firmware

this is taken from this link:


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