Flakey WiFi. Ubuntu v7.10

David Yates dayates1 at btinternet.com
Sun Jul 13 05:16:28 CDT 2008

Hi - any suggestions please

I have recently had delivered an Inspiron 1525N. Upon bootup for the
first time, the Laptop found my router but needed to be configured. 

I did this using the same settings as my previous Laptop using v8.04 and
eventually I connected to the router and Internet etc

My query is this. Sometimes the laptop will connect immediately,
sometimes although the laptop is in the same location it will not
connect without re-entering the passkey. Sometimes it will connect but
it takes a couple of minutes before connecting

Am I using the correct settings. Should I be in roaming mode or should I
be using static. Should I be using a WEP HEX passkey or another type. I
have always used this before. I have never had a problem with my old
Laptop - immediate connection so what am I doing differant - what
settings should I be using



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