Factory Ubuntu 8.04 (was Re: Inspiron 1525N notebook ...)

schwaang schwaang at sonic.net
Fri Jul 11 12:28:18 CDT 2008

JP Vossen wrote:
> <soap box>
> Would you accept getting XP instead of Vista on a new Windows laptop? 
> Office 2003 instead of 2007?  (OK, stupid questions, those'd be 
> features, not bugs. :-)  Would you accept Tiger instead of Leopard on a 
> new Mac?
> Why is it acceptable to ship an old product and expect the user to have 
> to go to the trouble of upgrading it, then sorting out any bugs that 
> crop up?  Sure, I know that the general Linux community is capable of 
> dealing with this, but we shouldn't have to.  It's this kind of mind-set 

Slapping a new distro on the disk is easy.  Making a product that people 
can rely on is harder.  Personally I greatly prefer that Dell takes the 
time necessary to fully test the release on their hardware before 
selling it pre-installed.  That's actually a great benefit to me as a 
Dell customer and Linux user -- knowing that what I buy will "just 
work", and I would expect nothing less from Dell.

I think that's also why Ubuntu has LTS (long-term-support) releases.  A 
lot of folks would rather have "just works" than bleeding edge, 
including all the family and friends that I'm the go-to-geek for.

And look, Ubuntu just came out with 8.04.1 -- fixing tons of bugs in 
8.04 which itself is still fairly new.  So Dell's doing the right thing 
by its customers in not rushing things.  My two cents, etc.

- schwaang

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