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Ian ixb at
Thu Jul 10 14:26:08 CDT 2008

Hi, first, I´m not sure if this is the right route to get Dell Ubuntu
support, but please correct or redirect if I´m wrong.
I just received my Inspiron 1525N and overall I´m quite happy but a bit
confused.  I´m willing to invest the extra effort to make the
transition.  You might say I´m a believer, having used Unix thirty years
ago and <suffered Windows> until now.

Having surfed a bit about Ubuntu I thought I´d go ahead and upgrade to
8.04 which went fine.


1.  How do I set up my keyboard so that the characters typed reflect
what is engraved on the keycaps?

2.  How do I get music, microphone and webcam going?  All are
non-functional right now.  I´m relatively illiterate when it comes to
UNIX command line, and file structures, although I´ll likely come up to
speed fairly quickly.  Much of the advice I´ve seen on the Internet is
either incorrect for my software or seems to hang up when I try it.

3.  What are the best programs to choose?  It seems that the strength of
Ubuntu may also be a bit of a weakness - the need to chop and change as
a new version of this or that supercedes an existing favourite.  For
example is Firefox the preferred Internet browser?  Are there strengths
when it comes to the Inspiron Ubuntu implementation.

4.  Should I go back to Ubuntu 7.10 for the moment to get better
support?  The sound kind of worked but the microphone and webcam didn´t
in that version either - that´s why I upgraded to 8.04.  I´d seen a post
that it might be fixed in that version.

Thank you,
Ian Brown,

Serial Tag 6J9HQG1

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