Inspiron 1525N notebook not sold in the US anymore?

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Thu Jul 10 14:21:54 CDT 2008

It should be mentioned that the value adds on the Dell Customized ISO
images are as follows:

    * Recovery support
    * Fixes/workarounds that couldn't make it into the proper release
          o Modem driver
          o Touchpad issues on the 1530
          o Bluetooth issues on some high speed bluetooth devices
          o Those types of fixes
    * Proprietary Video drivers

So if you are buying a platform that is not formally supported, the Dell
ISO images may not be of much value to you.  Given that the list of
workarounds is quite small (since a majority of the fixes made it into
8.04), most people are better off just installing a vanilla image with
updates rather than an image targeted to their platform.

Art Alexion wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-07-10 at 14:37 -0400, Brian Lavender wrote:
> Sorry, I guess I am kinda insensitive to those issues as I am not
> running Ubuntu on an Inspiron.  
> I have installed ii on a number of desktops from L800r/L1000r, Optiplex
> GX 260/280, and Optiplex 620/745, without any problems, way before I
> knew that Dell offered a customized version.
> I installed it on a Latitude D410 also without problems.
> The only Dell machine I had problems with is a PowerEdge 300 and a Dell
> server console.  I configured the PE with Ubuntu server on my bench
> using a Dell 1907FPt and installed IceWM so that we could administer it
> with x11vnc.  All was good until I plugged it into the console in our
> server room.  Sometimes cli is "out of range", other times it works.
> X11 never displays well.  You can see it but as soon as you move the
> mouse or touch the keyboard, the screen keeps flashing on and off.
> Eventually, I had to plug it into a standalone monitor or go nuts.  I am
> sure the problem is not with the PE, but with the crappy console which
> also has a 'wandering mouse' on Linux as well as 'that other OS'.
> So, having done well with Ubuntu on Dell on non-Inspiron machines, I
> tend to overlook the Inspiron issues.
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