Inspiron 1525N notebook not sold in the US anymore?

Art Alexion art at RHD.ORG
Thu Jul 10 14:10:08 CDT 2008

On Thu, 2008-07-10 at 14:37 -0400, Brian Lavender wrote:
> I know 8.04 has been released. I am running it. And... I am sure you
> may
> have seen some issues I worked through. Or, the issues that Dell has
> worked through.

Sorry, I guess I am kinda insensitive to those issues as I am not
running Ubuntu on an Inspiron.  

I have installed ii on a number of desktops from L800r/L1000r, Optiplex
GX 260/280, and Optiplex 620/745, without any problems, way before I
knew that Dell offered a customized version.

I installed it on a Latitude D410 also without problems.

The only Dell machine I had problems with is a PowerEdge 300 and a Dell
server console.  I configured the PE with Ubuntu server on my bench
using a Dell 1907FPt and installed IceWM so that we could administer it
with x11vnc.  All was good until I plugged it into the console in our
server room.  Sometimes cli is "out of range", other times it works.
X11 never displays well.  You can see it but as soon as you move the
mouse or touch the keyboard, the screen keeps flashing on and off.
Eventually, I had to plug it into a standalone monitor or go nuts.  I am
sure the problem is not with the PE, but with the crappy console which
also has a 'wandering mouse' on Linux as well as 'that other OS'.

So, having done well with Ubuntu on Dell on non-Inspiron machines, I
tend to overlook the Inspiron issues.

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