xps m1330 and cpu scaling / fan control

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Tue Jul 8 04:11:13 CDT 2008

Viktor Kojouharov wrote:
> I have hardy installed on an xps m1330 with an nvidia card and a core 2
> duo.
> One noticeable aspect of the default configuration was that the fan was
> at a constant full throttle. the gnome cpufreq applet showed that
> frequency of the cores was changing all the time, from whatever the
> current low value, to the max, every 2-3 seconds.
> I tried using i8k to control the fan, but when using the i8kmon daemon,
> the fan would constantly throttle between low speed and its maximum
> speed, every 2-3 seconds. That is regardless of the configuration.
> I also noticed that powernowd has loaded the acpu_cpufreq, instead
> speedstep-centrino. this happened because, when powernowd tried to load
> the centrino module, the kernel throws an error (invalid device, or
> device not found, I can't remember right now). However, speedstep is
> enabled in the BIOS.
> So how can I make the kernel load the speedstep-centrino module, and if
> that doesn't control the fan properly, how can I fix the fan problem?
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Have you seen this:
Nvidia whacked over defective notebook chips; Offers driver to keep processors cool

Update: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has more on the issue. He notes that therehave been problems
recently with Dell’s m1330 and m1530 related to overheating. These machines are powered by the
GeForce 8400M GS. It’s not confirmed, but it’s a trail tofollow. Also see this driver download
and this one from Dell on July 1.

In any case, Nvidia’s timing is terrible. For starters, Nvidia iswarning in a market that’s
unforgiving. How unforgiving? Check out this carnage. And analysts are lowering Nvidia’s price
targets and cutting estimates at a rapid clip.




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