automating sound updates - WAS Re: back to factory conditions on the Inspiron 1525

Tom Chiverton tom.chiverton at
Mon Dec 22 10:46:25 CST 2008

2008/12/19 sean <seankenny at>:
>> but I added each of these as they were added to the page.  Doing it now
>> however means you have to substitute your CURRENT kernel version number for
>> the one listed in the instructions in each of the commands given.  In a
> Cheers, that is all working now, you were quite correct, I will
> remember `uname -r` in the path in future. So how can I automate it?
> :)

Install the generic (no version number) package, and it should install
the specific version for newer kernel's by itself.
The instructions are slightly wrong here, as the non-specific version
is the recommended way to handle this.
But we can't edit the Wiki.


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