THE Fixes for sound and wireless after 8.04 install on Dell 1420

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Thu Dec 11 22:06:07 CST 2008

Ok here is the way I got my similar problem fixed, by big help, so I 
pass along:  A long bunch of emails, might hurt if i left out 
Will Herzog
You can safely remove any of those old kernels in Synaptic.  You
shouldn't have installed the -386, -virtual variants in the first
place.  The only "supported" kernel is the -generic kernel.


Herzog wrote:
> JOY in MUDVILLE!     Well, marvelous what a night's sleep does for the
> machine, and me.
> Today it works, with sound and wireless;  and the  whole grub-list is
> expanded.
> The top four  do nothing, hang up, and result in situations I don't
> know how to handle BUT
> >>>>NOW number 5,   8.04, kernel 2.6.24-18 generic is as great as
> ever.JOY AGAIN for wireless and sound.
> So I guess somehow it is OK, and Dell specific stuff has been
> handeled, and so
> now my wonderment is as whether to delete the first  four:  8.04,
> kernel 2.6.24-18 386, and virtual, and their recovery modes;
>   or keep them, because they contain the Dell stuff; AND if the answer
> is that I must keep them, should I delete the ones below them.
> Thanks,     Will Herzog
> ===========================================tutorial details follow,
> ignore if not want the saga.
> Thanks for the info.   The  Dell-Ubuntu is my first Linux learning
> experience; so Please,  I need more clues:
>  I think/assume?  that there must be some DELL specific stuff, to
> define the computer, and then Ubuntu takes over to run it.
> and ASSUME that this is the    "Linux-backports-modules-hardy", and
> how to install it/them.
> Is this something I should get from the DELL sites?  Dell specific to
> keep the Dell stuff, and let 8.04 and updates take over?
> ===oh well I'll try: .
> Google led me to page:   
> which gives: 
> linux-backports-modules-2.6.24-18-generic
> <>
>     Ubuntu supplied Linux modules for version 2.6.24 on x86/x86_64 
>     However clicking on this just repeats the page; and
>     Download linux-backports-modules-hardy-generic
> Download for all available architectures Architecture 	Package Size
> Installed Size 	Files
> amd64
> <>
> 	25.9 kB 	52 kB 	[list of files
> <>]
> i386
> <>
> 	25.9 kB 	52 kB 	[list of files
> <>]
> I don't know which of these to download---
> I gambled a 50-50 and tried i386,  AND WHOOPS, it says use aptitude or
> synaptic. HURRAY, I'm found again; and I don't have to know.!
> ========== SYNAPTIC package manager search doesn't find
> "linux-backports-modules-hardy" under packages.
> but it did find some under the original default.  Selecting the first
> one gets frame which marks the 386 and kernal image
>  BUT virtual kernal description sounds like it keeps the stuff from
> being lost again with newer updates;  So  I put in Virtual kernel image..
> I assume server kernel is not for me, as I don't think I am a server.
> BUT since all the other UBUNTU symbols were marked now, I applied them
> all!.
> =======================   and after the reboot:  OH PSHAW, CRAP etc.
>     Now I've joined those who have no sound.  I follow a few lists, to
> try and learn.
> Now  ORCA  is dead, and the volume control buttons bring up a blank bar.
>              .."The volume control did not find any elements or
> devices to control.
> AND ALSO the network wireless connection  is now not working.... .
> I'm not completely dead, the wired connection still works BUT wireless
> was nicer.  I BLEW IT! .
> ...======
> So Please,     Do you know which assumptions were wrong, or which
> things I should go to synaptics and uncheck, to resolve the sound and
> wireless problems?     
> I marvel how every update seems to fix something, and ORCA was/is
> becoming as good as Jaws.
> Thanks again.   Will Herzog
> ..............
> Misc info: 
> I think that must have gotten lost when the Dell partition got bad
> updates, and just hang up.
> Note the original DELL 7.04 kernel recovery  is no longer listed, the
> one that causes all to be lost from then on.
> I do have the original Dell disk,
> My GRUB? turn-on screen, via ESC,  Shows Seven 8.04 kernels  2.6.24-18
> generic ( and recovery mode)
> Also                                                                                              
> -17 & -16, and memtest86+
> Then there is:
> Other operating systems:
> Dell utility partition
> containing Ubuntu 7.10 kernels 2.6.22-14 generic  (on/dev/sda6), and
> it's recovery mode,
> and           Ubuntu 7.10 kernel  2.6.20-16 generic  (on/dev/sda6)
> ===========================
> Mario Limonciello wrote:

Mario Limonciello
*Dell | Linux Engineering*
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