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Hello Doris,

I'm a not to skilled a linux guy but one  of the first things that was rubbed into me from several directions was that you can mount a linux O>S> on a toaster. O>K> an exageration but what is a fact is that the old Microsoft 3.1 and 3.2 computers had very compatible parts and were in fact better than the modern computer which gives all kind of problems - like kernel will not read disk etc but the point I'm making is that none of these computers rarely had more than 8 Gigs and more advanced users have boasted that a linux operatiing system can be mounted using just over one (yes one) gigabite. So, no way should Ubuntu (which I have require all of eight Gigs) So this must be something to do with looking at your hard drive available space a secondtime.
Hope this helps.                                                                                                                                                            John6.
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        I recently purchased a dell mini 9 with ubuntu preinstalled. The machine has a 8GB hard drive but apparently Ubuntu takes up a little over 6GB. Is this normal. I wanted to keep this OS but I may have to switch to XP to reclaim some hard disk space.



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