Connecting to a Wireless Network

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I would try to undo if possible what you've done so far in installing
ndiswrapper and this other drive and focus on your wireless router and its
settings. If this is a new system and you haven't installed or used it much,
perhaps even doing a restore from the Ubuntu restore CD may be easiest.

Please note that it usually takes 10-20 seconds after you've logged in
before the list of available wireless networks becomes populated and
available as a drop-down list in the top panel, network manager.

In any case, there have been some discussions and good tips troubleshooting
wireless connections on the Ubuntu forums. You can search the forums for
"wireless mini 9" and should get some good leads to try. You may want to
check out the following in particular:

On 12/8/08, doris taylor <d_f_taylor at> wrote:
> The driver that was installed did not work at all. I couldn't even see my
> network.
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> Subject: Re: Connecting to a Wireless Network
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> Date: Monday, December 8, 2008, 3:41 PM
> Can you please explain why you downloaded the driver and ndiswrapped? Did
> you find information somewhere online that suggested that you needed to do
> this?
> I ask because wireless networking should work out-of-the-box on the Mini 9
> with Ubuntu pre-installed. All of the drivers and software are already
> installed and you should not need to install anything else.
> On 12/8/08, doris taylor <d_f_taylor at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am really hoping someone can help me. I have just recently purhcased a
>> Dell mini 9 with Ubuntu 8.04 preinstalled. After downloading the correct
>> driver and running ndiswrapper the pc now sees my wireless network at home
>> however it will only connect if I disable the WEP key on my Linksys WRT150N
>> router. Does anyone have any ideas on getting it to connect to my secured
>> network?
>> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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