dial up modem for xps 420

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 02:09:39 CDT 2008

Tom & Karen Pino wrote:
> Hi,
> I have never used linux but I am going to now.
> We just bought this XPS 420 and it is a great machine.  I only has one 
> problem that I can see.  That would be Vista Home Premium.  I am sure 
> that this is a great OS if you like it.  I don't.
> Back in 1998 we bought a custom built computer with a 350mhz chip and 
> 128mb ram and 10gig HD.  Running that got me thinking about linux.  The 
> problem is that it worked.
> On the same connection this computer is at least 4 times slower and 
> usually 10s solower than the old one.  The built in "security" seems to 
> fight with itself and the internet time isto slow to upgrade it.
> To get to the point.  I only need windows for one program - Olypus 
> master.  I plan to get another HD next month and just start over with 
> this machine.  I plan to install Ubuntu 8.04.1 on that HD and use that 
> 98% of the time.  When I need the Olypus stuff I will just plug in the 
> other HD.
> When I try the live CD, which I got from Linux CD.org, it all works fine 
> except it can't find a modem.  This machine comes with a conexant D850 
> modem that I believe is a Windows only modem.
> What would be a good modem to get?  I will never be using the internet 
> with the Vista system again so I don't care if the modem xorks with MS 
> or not.

Looks like a nice desktop, you might get headaches from ATI graphics 
card where linux drivers are not all that good. As for modem, try the 
driver supplied by Dell for laptops, found at
or go to www.linmodems.org or www.linuxant.com

Otherwise buy an external modem that use the serial port - avoid 
usb-connected as these are likely to be "softmodems" just as the 
built-in. If you find someone who wants to dump an old modem you are 
very likely in luck... and of course if the pc has a serial port.

As for running a windows-app: I have installed Virtualbox (check on 
ubuntuforums.org for detailed instructions) and run XP and Vista 
"inside" ubuntu that way, in my case for support purposes and one or two 
apps. Otherwise you might try installing Wine and running it that way 
(many excellent guides on this out there, just google) or if it is a 
photo-software check out Digikam or Google Picasa.

Good lucks,

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