Upgrading from Gusty to Hardy on Dell Latitude D820

David W. White davidwwhite at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 28 12:00:50 CDT 2008

Hi everyone,
  I have Ubuntu 7.10 running on my Dell Latitude D820 laptop and its works ok except for the microphone and wireless (driver issues I guess, but I think the problem is corrected in Hardy). I'm trying to upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04 and followed the instructions on the website: system-administration-update manager-make sure all updates installed-upgrade to 8.04. Last week I couldnt get on most of the time because the ubuntu download servers were extreemly busy. Friday all day and today, I get on ok, get to the point where it says distribution upgrade, updating ubuntu to version 8.04 LTS, then it gets stuck at preparing to upgrade. It's not crashed or anything like that, it just doesnt move from that point for hours. 
  The intresting thing is I have a Dell Dimention E521 desktop (amd64), installed 7.10 on it (not the 64 bit version, just the regular one thats on my laptop), then followed the same process as on my laptop, and the upgrade went through ok, though it took very long, despite my fast broadband connection.
  Can anyone advise me what to do next on the laptop? If all else fails, can I download the CD/DVD version with windows, burn it, then upgrade from it?
  Finally, I see on this list where Dell has a site to download their customised ubuntu 7.10 (I guess with the right drivers) for their laptops. Can I install that instead without wiping out all my other partitions and information?
  Thanks for your help.

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