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On Mon, 2008-04-28 at 10:57 -0400, Art Alexion wrote:
> If there is a 7.10 install that includes the proprietary drivers, but
> not an 8.04, I would install 7.10 and then do a dist-upgrade to 8.04.
> That way you get the drivers and the new distro version.
> If you haven't done it before,
>      1. Install 7.10
>      2. Edit /etc/apt/sources.list
>      3. comment out any references to the 7.10 CD
>      4. replace every other reference to 'gutsy' with 'hardy'
>      5. save
>      6. sudo aptitude update
>      7. sudo aptitude dist-upgrade

Er, no...

Instead run "update-manager -d", or just use the update distro button
from within the package manager itself:


This has more details, but this is the preferred way of doing things
rather than messing with apt sources directly - and this way is known to
be a fair amount smarter as well...


I've never gotten a clear answer on this, perhaps you know.  

First, I don't use the GUI update managers, adept and synaptic.  For me,
they take 3x as long as the command line.  They are great for searching
and getting details, but not installing.

Second, I prefer aptitude to apt-get because it tracks and handles
dependencies better.  The question for which I have never found a
definitive answer is whether the GUI managers use the aptitude
dependency tracking, or the less thorough apt-get, or something else

Speed (or lack) aside, I don't want to compromise the power of aptitude
just to get pretty boxes to interact with.

Can you clear this up?

I'm looking at the command line update manager scripts and they seem
only to be wrappers to the apt tools.

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