Ubuntu 8.04 on 1505n

Glenn Williams glenn.e.williams at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 09:50:55 CDT 2008

I appreciate the responses so far. If the 1420 is identical in terms of
hardware (my real concern being the video) then that will go a long way.

The reason I'm looking for it is that I purchased the extended support for
the laptop, as it's not for me, but my wife. If it were just me I'd suffer
with things until I got it fixed or a bug report submitted. Since it's her
laptop I want there to be as few issues as possible. What it comes down to
is that I don't want to call in to Dell Support and be told that 7.10 or
8.04 is not covered under my support contract.


On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 10:47 AM, <Scott_Purcell at dell.com> wrote:

>  Glenn,
> I not one of our engineers or developers, so regard my response as one
> from a fellow list-participant trying to help rather than as an
> authoritative response from Dell.  But it is my understanding that the only
> reason for the custom images for specific systems is to provide driver
> support for hardware that is newer than what is in the main distro at the
> time of release. But those drivers are always fed back to Ubuntu for
> inclusion in future releases so that custom images shouldn't be needed for
> later OS releases.
> For example, if your 1505n was originally shipped with Ubuntu 7.04 (and
> I'm speaking hypothetically here, not specifically), it may have hardware in
> it that was so new to market that it was not fully supported by the included
> drivers.  So we provided a driver that worked better.   But when 7.10 came
> out, it should have had that newer driver so a custom image wasn't necessary
> -- and likewise for 8.04.
> Does that help?  Or is there some other reason you are looking for
> a custom image?
> Thanks,
> Scott
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> I posted a couple of time trying to find out if there was ever going to be
> an image for 7.10 specifically for the 1505n (one of the Ubuntu pre-install
> systems sold by Dell), but got no answer. I'm going to try again for 8.04.
> Any possibility of an image for the 1505n?
> Thanks!
> Glenn
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