new Hardy 8.04

J. Bruce Fields bfields at
Wed Apr 23 12:43:21 CDT 2008

On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 11:31:56AM -0600, Diego Martinez wrote:
> Dear Dell Linux,
> I would first like to thank you all again for making my laptop possible, I
> hope it is working out for you all as well!
> My question today is about the release of 8.04 tomorrow.  What do you all
> recommend?  I recall some discussion awhile back about the Intel graphics
> card problem, and that is now repaired in the 8.04 if I recall correctly.
> Are the other (if I remember very small tweaks) hardware fixes also ready to
> go in the Hardy Heron release tomorrow?
> Should I just allow for the auto-upgrade? (I have the US 1420N version,
> without the cam and DVD burner, and I have the Intel graphics)

I've been running Hardy on a 1420n for a few weeks, and I think my only
current problems are two problems with the keyboard on resume from
suspend-to-ram, both described here:

The problem that caused compiz to be disabled (I think that was the
previous intel graphics card problem you were referring to) is now

Also, I'm finding that wireless is now reliable after resume.
(Previously it wasn't.)


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