Inspiron 1525 with Vista, Ubuntu installed for dual boot. Need drivers

Michael Karlovich mkarlovich at
Mon Apr 14 14:44:36 CDT 2008

My 1525 shipped with vista and I set up Ubuntu 7.1 as a dual boot using this
tutorial and it worked great for the initial install:<>
What I'd like to know is if the reinstall ISO from dell or some other
solution could be used to intall the proper drivers to just my Ubuntu
partition part of my dual boot with Vista. From what I read on the dell
instructions for the reinstall ISO here this seems a bad idea for my dual
boot setup, as it would wipe out Vista :<>

It seems that this ISO blows out your entire drive and i don't want to lose
Vista so I haven't tried using it.

It would sure be nice not to have to hunt for all the drivers (I spent about
4 hours just finding out how to get the WLAN working). If it is possible to
use the ISO reinstall on ONLY the Ubuntu partition leaving Vista intact or
if Dell provides some other method to load the drivers that would be great
and save a lot of time.
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