Which video driver

Kerry Mayes kerry at mayes.co.nz
Thu Apr 10 16:30:01 CDT 2008

I, too, have a Latitude D520 - intel graphics chip.  The i810 driver
is an older driver than the "intel" driver previously suggested.  I
found it provided better support for dual screens under fiesty but it
is poor at recognising the potential screen resolutions.

Under Gutsy I am using the "intel" driver as it's support of 3D is
better.  Dual screens and 3D tend not to mix with these drivers unless
your screens are small. So I've chosen 3D rather than dual screens (I
use spare computers and Synergy for effective multiple screens).

>  I have Intel video on a Latitude D520 and am running the i810 driver.  It has
>  acceleration capabilities, but I'm not sure how effective they are.  I have a
>  rather up-market dual core CPU, so the unaccelerated performance is pretty
>  good.
>  I'm running Gentoo, not Ubuntu, so I don't know whether this driver is
>  included with Ubuntu.  But it's included with Xorg, so it should be.
>  Les

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