Dell Optiplex 755's with Ubuntu 7.10 (QUad Core Systems)

Matthew Geier matthew at
Mon Apr 7 20:56:35 CDT 2008

Raymond Wan wrote:
> This doesn't seem to be either a Dell or an Ubuntu problem, but (IMHO) a 
> Linux problem.  Though I love Linux, one thing that Windows gets right 
> is that things usually work right out of the box.  
 If you get the right driver.....

> For example, I use Debian and am in Japan where the paper standard is 
> A4.  One would think that setting the value in /etc/papersize or in the 
> printer settings would do it, but some programs require to make the 
> change from lettersize paper within the program.  Somewhat difficult to 
> get use to.
 Bad example - Windows has problems with this as well. The amount of 
time some one printing on 'US Letter' has stalled out A4 printers over 
the years, as application / per document settings override the system 
setting... (And now HP printers have a setting that causes it to ignore 
requests for US Letter paper and print on A4 anyway!)

> Sorry for going off-topic, but I don't think this is a problem limited 
> to "this soundcard with this linux kernel".  I think it is quite common, 
> but each version of a Linux distribution (regardless of whether it is 
> Ubuntu, RH, Debian, etc.) gets better and better at it.  I look forward 
> to the day when a Linux install takes less than half-a-day.  :-)
 Part of the problem is each vendor takes the standard chip and hooks it 
up a different way. The Vendor then does a Windows driver that knows 
about their quirks. They don't do a Linux one.
 Some one in the Linux world then writes a 'generic' driver for the chip 
and then has to deal with the zillion ways the vendors actually hook em up.

 Sound chips are prone to this - seems every vendor hooks the outputs up 

 Look at the DVB card drivers some time. There are two popular DVB 
chips. Linux has 'Unified' drivers for these two chips - each driver now 
detects about 100 different variations of card based on these chips. 
Every one seems to hook the tuner chip up differently....

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